Sunday, February 13, 2005

Happy Sunday

The Hearts party was fun, and we had just enough people to have six tables of four. My first round was horrific, and I got the Queen of Spades every hand! That was embarrassing. Twice it was my fault, playing the wrong cards, and twice it was just bad karma. In the end, my high score knocked me way out of the playoffs, but I wasn't the highest score of the night. We had strawberry salsa with chips, chocolates, apples and dipping sauce, chips and salsa, nuts, and brownies. It was a fine time and we were home by 10:30.

Today after church George and I ventured to Brookline to go to the Korean restaurant where he had been before. It was a big place, and only Korean students were there. I admit I was a little intimidated, but I just ordered my fave: Bibimbap. It was delicious, and healthy, consisting of julienne carrots, spinach, beef, bean shoots,
rice, and a soft fried egg on top. Bean paste is served on the side, along with a few small dishes of spicy hot cabbage and hot sliced cucumbers. George had seafood soup with mussles, squid, shrimp and what he called "mystery fish". It was full of noodles and looked really good. We had fun and I was happy to be out for a nice lunch after church, in a neighborhood we don't get to visit often.

Tomorrow is the funeral of Linda, the woman from my church who had breast cancer, and whose family I was cooking for occasionally. I had just visited her for an hour of so before I left for Oklahoma, and when I left I thought that I may not see her again. Her daughters were so nice to be with, and Linda was very kind, even under such hard circumstances. She died at home on Wednesday, and her family was in church today. I am so sorry, but she was so very sick. We all should spend some time today counting our blessings.

Today I am going to finish the beige shawl. So far it is three skeins of Lion Brand Boucle. It is very soft to work with, and when I "tried" it on in front of the mirror it almost looks like fur. Not sure who is going to wear it, but at least I am finishing it. One good thing about me (and there are not enough) is that I finish my knitting projects. I seem to be able to hang in there and not leave oodles of unfinished stuff behind like some knitters I've met. I only quit and unravel when it is obvious that the project is ill-designed, or just not fun to work on.

If only I could finish books as easily as I finish knitting projects. I wish I had more time to read!

Have a lovely Sunday.