Monday, February 07, 2005

Pats Win!!!

It is good to be home, and even better to come home to a big celebration and lots of smiling faces. Lots of folks in Boston are a bit tired today, but elated and happy that is it over. Pats win, woohoo! I am happy to be at my desk, planning to have coffee with my friend Dave at the Italian coffee place that makes the good biscottis. I realized that I left one in mom's freezer. I'll have to call her and tell her what it is.

I left a favorite knitting pattern in the trunk of the rental car. It is so easy to leave stuff when you are rushing at the airport. No big loss, I think I can replace it easily. I also bought a new book called Knitting on the Edge. I checked this book out of the El Reno Library, and when I got home found it at Barnes and Noble. It is a great book full of lovely patterns for edgings.

Getting back to my life here is a very good thing. Have a great Marti Gras!