Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Babysitting Thunder

Last evening, George went across the street to our neighbors, armed with a big heart shaped box of chocolates, to ask them to babysit Thunder (I prefer that to cat-sit) while we are in Washington. They said they were leaving for Jamaica on Friday and he came back with the box of chocolates, which they rejected. What to do? Our friends all live pretty far away -- and to ask them to come would be a real inconvenience. So today, in a bolt of inspiration, I asked the housecleaner fellow if he would like to come twice while we are away and feed and fresh water kitty. He said sure. So, now we have experienced Thunder-sitters if we want to take a vacation. Nice.

The weather is sunny and 50 today. My bones and joints are celebrating. It really does take a lot of stress off the body when you are not cold and shivering and tense from walking on ice and snow. My friend just came back from one of those expensive cruises to Costa Rica, Cozumel, and the Panama Canal. She said, "never again." "Why?" I asked, incredulously. She said it was too hot, between 95 and 100 degrees every day with almost 100% humidity. The cruise ship could not stop in Costa Rica because of rough water that made docking impossible. Costa Rica is one place I would really like to see, the wildlife and birds there are supposed to be amazing.

It seems that cruising has its drawbacks, if you don't get to go where you are supposed to go, and they give you poor substitutes. You aren't supposed to care that you spent a lot of money to see Costa Rica and you get to see choppy ocean instead. I have heard of people getting trips to Nova Scotia when they intended to go to Burmuda but were turned around because of weather.

George was on board the QEII when it ran aground off Marthas Vineyard a few years ago. Everyone got to sit on the tilted ship overnight and then were taken by boat to Newport and from there put on a bus for New York City and he had to take a bus back to Boston. An rather ignominious end to a lovely trip, huh? No refunds. All they have is the memories and a good story to tell.

Maybe that is what cruising is about--the surprises. With all that good food and drink aboard, you aren't supposed to care where you go.

Well, anyway, have a great day wherever you are.