Friday, February 25, 2005

Camera missing

We have either a minor or a major hiccup about pictures for my blog. We can't find the camera. George had it in his pocket of his coat at the airport in Baltimore, and doesn't remember much about it after that. We are looking. In the meantime, there won't be any pictures of this latest snowstorm of 5", and maybe that is a blessing. I am more than a little worried because George lost my last camera by leaving it at an airport. But that one was not an expensive one.

We will have more time this weekend to look carefully. He thinks he might have unpacked it and laid it somewhere in the late night rush. I sure do hope it didn't get lost on the airplane. I have become very attached to that little digital camera. It is far more useful than any camera I have ever owned.

George is snowplowing this morning. We are looking forward to a weekend and making plans not to make too many plans.

Have a good, safe, and hopefully, warm day. TGIF.