Thursday, February 17, 2005

The sun is out there somewhere

Today my thoughts are all about my character Elfauna in Everquest. There is a new expansion called Dragons of Norrath and I was playing on Tuesday night while I watched the dog show. Somehow, when I logged off that night, there was a "bug" because of the new expansion, and my character which I have been playing for years, Elfauna Eaglewing, a 54 level Ranger, was deleted. I petitioned the game masters last night, and they responded, but the character is still deleted. Loral (Michael) says not to worry, that all will be ok. I hope so. (It is a bit nervewracking to think that the main character that I have been playing for three years, and the one to whom I am most attached has now gone "poof"). The game designers have many problems I'm sure, and other "poofs" that have happened because of the new expansion. My problem was that I deleted a little character earlier that night, played for a couple of hours, and then said my goodbyes to my guild and then logged in a new zone, the Guild Hall. That combination of things was just enough to make this happen. I sure wish I had made other decisions that night. Oh please Tunare, let Elfauna be ok.

The news this morning here in Boston is that Teddy Bruschi, the very popular Patriots Linebacker, is in the hospital today with headache, vision problems and stroke-like symptoms. I sure do hope he is ok!

Tomorrow we leave for the airport at 6:00 a.m. The forecast is for snow flurries, but I don't think that will delay us. We will drive to Manchester, New Hampshire, about an hour North of us, and take Southwest to Baltimore. We'll be at Mike's house by noon. I am planning on having lunch at The Fish House in Old Town, Alexandria. They have a wonderful shrimnp salad that I love.

Today seems like a good day to count our blessings and say our prayers. See you later with updates on Elfauna news.