Saturday, February 19, 2005

Japanese themed day

Last night we went to Akasaka, a Japanese restaurant not far from Mike's house. George had yaki soba, pan fried noodles and vegetables, Mike had teriaki salmon and I had nabeyaki udon, or noodles and vegetables in broth with shrimp tempura. We shared three rolls of spicy tuna sushi. It was delicious. Usually we end dinner with a small bowl of green tea ice cream, but last night we were too full. It was a lovely long dinner and I had a great time being with my two favorite guys.

I took some pictures of Japanese things around Mike's house today. The book is Shike, which was written by his father. This book happens to be the Japanese edition. That's a picture of Omie (my mom) by the Japanese sword collection.

Today we are going to the World War II monument on the Washington Mall. It is colder than I wanted it to be, since I only brought a light green raincoat, but the forecast today is for sunny skies and 40 degrees and I can dress in layers.

Have a lovely day. Konnichi wa.