Thursday, May 26, 2005

What's that noise?

About 11:30 last night I woke George up and said that I heard a noise like a tree going down. He went downtairs and looked out front and went out on the deck and came back to the bedroom and told me he didn't see anything. He said, "What did it sound like?" I said, "Well, maybe it was just a garbage can blowing around, but it sounded like a roof being blown off next door." I had a glass of milk and went back to sleep.

This morning we are not going to be able to get out to go to work. A huge tree fell and hit the house next door to it, and smashed in their front porch, a bedroom window and part of their roof. The winds were really wicked last night. No one is hurt, and the neighbors are congregated down the street looking at the damage. There is a live-wire down, and yellow police tape. A pickup truck came by when George was there and the man with a chain saw said, "I can't do anything about this, it's on private property." The man who owns the tree is standing there looking worried and confused.

Quite a morning. I had to call in to my office to tell them I will miss the 9:00 meeting and will not be able to bring the coffee and doughnuts.

I'm just glad no one got hurt. And that my car isn't under the rubble. We have pictures in the news this morning of flooded coastlines and million dollar homes at risk because of crumbling sea walls and trees down onto cars in city neighborhoods. The storm is winding down now, and good riddance!

More to follow. Have a good morning.