Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Sunday night I had a hard time getting enough sleep and I suffered for it yesterday. On days when I am tired, I also get hungry, and the whole thing spirals downward from there. I managed to pull myself through the day and took a nap on the couch from 8 until 9 p.m., got up to run the Healers MUSH on EQ, and then turned in at 10:30 with a big yawn. I slept all night straight through and today I'm back with the chickadees. I rarely have real trouble sleeping, but when I am tired, the whole day just goes south. I'm sure that I will go to Weight Watchers tonight and weigh more than last week. That isn't how it is supposed to work, and I can blame an extra helping of rice at dinner, and two cookies and an ice cream bar that I had last night, when I was too tired to make good decisions and keep mitts off.

I stopped into Sparks today to use part of the gift certificate that Mike got me for Mothers Day. THANK YOU MICHAEL!!! I have a lot left to use to take classes in the next months, and I can't wait to learn more. I'm now an avid bead knotter, and today I bought some blue seed beads and blue varigated beads to make a necklace to take to Oklahoma this weekend. I love knotting so much that when the necklace is finished I am sad. Pictures to come.

Have a great day.