Monday, May 02, 2005

A big haul

I made $52 and 5 new friends this weekend. The crafters gathered together in a room a Spark studios, and we had lots of people come through both Saturday and Sunday. Not too many people were buying, but a lot expressed interest and we all had a great time meeting each other and bartering our crafts to each other. I gave away three pair of earrings and received two beautiful flower brooches, two beautiful hand made cards and I bought a new hand-knit cell phone holder with beads. I think it was a very worthwhile weekend, and 52 dollars to spend on bead supplies is nothing to sneeze at either.

This weekend there wasn't a spare minute. We didn't get much rest. On Sunday morning, there was a special church service and a lunch afterwards for the whole congregation. Everyone had a swell time, and my heart soared to see the church full to the rafters on the very day we knew it was about pledging and money. Afterward, I took off for the studio and met my new friends for a pleasant couple of hours.

We had a houseguest and we watched Motorcycle Diaries on pay-per-view. This movie is about a road trip taken by the young Che Guevara, and I had wanted to see it for a long time. We all liked it very much.

For dinner we made our favorite--wrapped salmon steaks, New Orleans-style rice pilaf and fresh broccoli. I made a delicous last-minute salad of baby spinach, watercress and tomatoes. We had fresh strawberries in sugar over ice cream for dessert.

It was a high-calorie, high-fun weekend.

Have a great Monday.