Monday, May 16, 2005

Happy Monday

I had another quickie trip to the dentist this morning. Seems the glue on my temporary veneers didn't hold up to my cereal yesterday morning and...well I won't go into the details. I had a quiet Sunday and kept my mouth shut and they fixed me all up this morning. I can't wait until this "temporary" time is over and I have the real veneers in place. They will look and feel much nicer.

George had a good weekend in Northern New Hampshire. He went canoeing and saw an eagle with a fish in it's beak, and he went halfway up a mountain on a hike. They all had a good time but he didn't get a lot of sleep, so he came home in need of a long nap. It was fun to hear the stories and got us talking about maybe looking for a cabin to buy up there to spend weekends and a couple of weeks in the summer. It is God's country and if we keep our eyes open for a nice small tightly-built cabin with a wood stove and someone nearby who can look in on it, we might be able to swing it. Last night, we went to dinner at Unos and I had a delicous fish sandwich and we split a apple crisp with ice cream. Woe to the diet.

I had a quiet weekend and got a lot of good sleep and made a new beaded necklace which I'm wearing this morning, went to a movie and played Everquest. I started a new warrior named Bluefeather, and got her up to level 9 last night. It was fun to just play around and not worry about 'nuttin'.

Have a good Monday and I'll see you tomorrow.