Friday, May 13, 2005

Girl's weekend off

George is leaving this morning for work with a car load of camping equipment. He is going with a group of ten men from church on a 'men's retreat' this weekend up in Northern New Hampshire. He packed a lot of gear for cooler weather and the forecast is rainy. He will be inside a cabin, and I'm sure they will all be fine and enjoy themselves. It is a weekend alone for both of us. I don't have any special plans made except to do some beading, play some extra Everquest, and potter around the house doing stuff I need to do. The change in the seasons from winter to spring always means a lot of coat closets to clean out and winter stuff to put away and I still haven't finished that job.

This morning I have a two hour dentist appointment to start working on veneers. I'm not sure how that is done, but I am wearing a new turquoise jewelry I bought in Oklahoma so I have something to play with while I'm sitting there.

George is meeting me at his office and he will take me there so I do not have to pay $25 for parking in downtown Boston. That will help and we get to see each other a little before he leaves for the weekend.

That's all from here. See you soon.