Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day weekend wrap-up

The weekend is almost over and I'm sorry to see it go. The wreaths are on the graves of my father, who served in the Army in World War II, and my brother, who died while serving in the Coast Guard. My mom sees that those wreaths are in place and this year Crystal helped her. The graves are in an Oklahoma cemetery, on a wind swept hill. I go there sometimes when I visit and I'm always amazed how far you can see in every direction.

George and I went back to Maine today to exchange the new shoes he bought which he decided did not fit. It was a sunny beautiful morning that was going to quickly turn into thunder showers, so I was ready and willing to go back the 50 miles to the Kittery Outlet Mall. While I was there I splurged on two more pair of shoes: black Teva sandals and a pair of heels to wear to the dinner party we are going to next Saturday night.

We finished planting the circular area around the dogwood tree in the back yard with orange impatiens and I planted two "over the rail" window boxes with pink geraniums, rosemary and tarragon. I also planted orange marigolds and purple petunias together in while planters. We don't spend a lot of money on planters, or plants, for that matter, but we do have a lot of colorful flowers on the deck and in front. They are just beginning to be pretty now, so pictures will have to wait. We put two rows of Snapdragons along the driveway. We have learned that snapdragons are one plant that Chuckie the woodchuck, who lives under our garage, will not eat. George called them snapdoodles and made me laugh. We have simple tastes in humor.

I wish Chuckie would find a new home, but I'm afraid it ain't going to be that easy. Dire measures include trapping him and transporting him, but I do not want that wild animal in my car, and killing him is just not an option. We have read that putting olive oil on a rag and stuffing it in the hole he uses as a door will make him not want to live there, but so far, that has not worked. I think he has several "back" doors to use. He is out there almost every morning and all the neighbors know him well.

It was a fun weekend of cooking, eating good meals, shopping and taking rides in the car to Maine and other places. The weather was glorious and even when the storms brought rain, it was a nice gentle rain that makes the grass even greener.

Sometimes the grass is greener right where you are, and for that we can be very grateful.

See you tomorrow.