Sunday, May 01, 2005

Hawking my wares

Yesterday I spent the rainy afternoon at the Spark craft studios, selling my hand knitted scarves and my earrings to the public who came through as part of Somerville Open Studios, an art council event to display art and crafts by local artists. I made myself comfortable in a room downstairs with six other sellers. We had a good time meeting each other and discussing what we brought. I decided at the last minute to go to my car and bring in the fluffy scarves I made this winter, and displayed them on a hanger in the corner by my table. About the second person to come through, went right for them, found one she liked a lot, discussed it with her friend a minute or so and bought it for $25. I was elated. It isn't the money, but the fact that I have one less scarf in my inventory.

I sold several pair of earrings (at $12 a pair--not a high price) during the afternoon and came home happy and a bit richer for the experience. I made some new friends, and all the while, I was working on knotting a string of pearls and the black pearls. Knotting is fun, and productive, and I have a lot to show for my afternoon. No more broken strings of good beads at this house!

Local artisans were selling handmade cards, cell phone cases, headbands, hats, and brooches made of silk flowers, and that was just in the room that I was in. One woman was selling cards made of paper and raffia that she had just brought home from Rwanda. I learned that my extra fluffy scarves made with several skeins of yarn are a bit too much for some people, and that many women do not wear dangly earrings. My earrings are sparkly and a little formal I guess, and didn't appeal some of the LLBean crowd. Maybe it was just too rainy a day to think about sparkle. Today I'm going back, but I'm also going to try to visit some of the other studios to see the work of other crafters too.

We have a special event luncheon at church today, George's daughter is here to visit, and I am making dinner for us, and all that adds to the top of the fact that I will be selling all afternoon again. It is a busy weekend.

Have a good one.