Friday, May 06, 2005

Blogger vacation

I am leaving for my home town in Oklahoma tomorrow morning. The forecast for the weekend in Boston is putrid--rain and wind. I'm happy to be going south. Not that it doesn't rain in Oklahoma, but the weather there is much milder.

I'm taking my Knitting on the Road book and a pair of socks to work on while I'm there. At first I wasn't going to take any kind of project, but that is silly. Here's my chance to do some nice knitting. My bags are packed and I'm ready to go. I'm taking several cotton blouses and some khakis and comfy shoes. One thing El Reno is not, is a fashion show.

The day I arrive there is a big shindig in El Reno. It is called the 'Fried onion burger day festival'. They go with their strengths and make an 850-pound hamburger and everyone in town goes to get a piece of the action. Mom warned me to take the back road into town on Saturday afternoon to avoid the crowds. They have tried to make El Reno into a tourist destination to boost the econmy of this little town in the middle of Oklahoma, and have a trolley for tourists and a track that goes down main street and all around. Actually, there is a lot of history in El Reno, especially around Fort Reno, but they seldom talk about that. They just want folks to stay downtown and buy stuff in the stores. There are some really good tex-mex restaurants that I want to visit at least once, and they really do make good onion hamburgers at a local joint called Johnnies.

I'll take a good book, some knitting and my Ipod. That should keep me happy. I'll take a walk out country club road to Lake El Reno to see the scizzor-tail fly catchers. These birds are amazing, and have tails so long you can't believe it. They flutter around in a certain area near the lake that I have found on prvious trips.

Have a great Friday and I'll try to blog from El Reno while I'm there, but it probably won't be every day. Take care my friends and I'll see you soon.