Thursday, May 19, 2005

Crocheted Wire Necklace

Last night was my crocheting with wire class. There were 10 of us. All the teachers at Sparks are really nice and I met several people who are just as crazy about beading as I am. Because I already knew how to crochet, I got the hang of it really fast. The supplies came with the class, and I chose gold wire and pink beads. I really love the necklace and can't wait to make more. These necklaces sell for $50 in the stores, so I'm happy to know how to make them.

When I got home at 9:00, I found out that George had never had a banana split in his life. So I got out the low fat vanilla, the strawberry fruit spread, the banana, the low calorie chocolate sauce and the low fat cool whip and made us each a banana split. Yes, I know it is not the real thing, but they were very very yummy. I promise to take him out for a real one this summer. How could one go through life without having a banana split?

I'm late for work this morning because it was such a long day and I slept late this morning. So, I'm off.

Have a sunny Thursday.