Monday, May 23, 2005

Monday morning in the mist

Well, Sunday evening ended up pretty much the same as Sunday a week ago, with my front tooth veneer popping out again. I called the dentist this morning and she told me I can cement it in there with a little toothpaste...but I won't be able to eat. She said not to use super glue or any other glue since it would make it too hard to take off. I admit I had thought of that idea. Rather than fight the traffic to downtown Boston this morning, I decided not to eat. I will try to get there sometime today. This whole experience makes me wonder if veneers were a good idea, but I guess I will be happy when the permanent veneers are in there at the end of the month. "They" don't tell you all about the downsides. I keep thinking about people who elect to have plastic surgery on their breasts or their thighs. I would NEVER go through that kind of pain for that kind of gain. I'm not sure just because we "can", that we really "should".

The forecast for Boston is seven days of rain--just like last week. Actually we had a good weekend and it barely rained at all. Yesterday the sky was beautiful with both very dark and very light clouds rushing by and the sun streaking through. We took a little ride around the lake last night and stopped for ice cream.

Coffee hour at church was a success and everyone enjoyed the cakes and said that the coffee was epecially good. I made 80 cups of coffee and added one small package of coffee (for the pot). It made it just a wee bit stronger, and I think the real coffee drinkers among us like that. People also liked my three-page reading of Genesis 1:1-2:4. I really enjoyed reading this beautiful passage and I was not nervous at all. They said my voice was clear as a bell. It made me happy.

All in all, except for teeth popping out, it was a great weekend.
Have a great Monday.