Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Partly cloudy. chance of sun

We are in our partly cloudy part of the New England Spring weather. Every year we have several weekends of rain before the sun finally breaks through for the summer. People in New England flock to the Cape in the summer, and sometimes it is even hard to schedule meetings at work because everyone is gone to the "summer" house. I've never had a summer house, and don't want one. It is enough to take care of one house. Or was it me, just the other day, who talked about a cabin in the woods. Gosh it is easy to change our minds.

George had a good time last weekend in the woods. Today he told me it was not an eagle he saw with a fish in it's mouth, but a hawk. So, like Newsweek, I have to retract my story. He is still recovering. The weekend was fun, but hard on him, and the younger guys did a lot more hiking. He likes to think of himself as an outdoorsman because of his years in scouting, but actually, anyone who sits behind a desk in a tie all week has a hard time being Davey Crockett too. I like to fly fish. If I lived where I could do more of it, I would be good at it. But now I am just glad not to snag a tree as I cast and have few hopes of ever catching a fish. Maybe if we buy that cabin in the woods.....

I have a crochet wire class tonight. It is a way of making a necklace by stringing beads onto wire and then crocheting the wire into a lacy necklace. I saw a woman at the Dallas airport wearing a similar necklace and when I asked her about it, she said it was made with fishing line. (Here we go with the outdoor theme again.) It was not as pretty as those made with gold wire. Yesterday Sparks told me that the class is going to cost $20 more because they are providing materials. I can't say I was overjoyed, but I know the class will be interesting and fun. Still $45 for a two hour class is a lot I think. I used Michael's gift certificate that he got me for Mothers Day to pay for tonight's class. Thanks again Mike! I'll have to put my creative hat on at 6:30 tonight.

Have a good day and enjoy the weather, no matter what.