Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Whale watching!

Michael is coming this weekend and the fun starts on Thursday morning when we pick him up at Logan at 11:00. We are planning to go to a Mexican place for an early dinner, and on Friday morning we will drive to Gloucester to take a whale watch cruise to Stellwagen bank. It is a three hour trip on the boat, and is lots of fun, and peaceful at the same time. I heard that the whales have been putting on quite a show this year, and I am looking forward to going. It has been at least three years since the last time George and I went on this boat trip.

Afterwards, we will go to Woodman's, home to delicious fresh seafood and lobster, and a glorified "lobster shack" that has been in Essex, MA since 1914. Gloucester was a much different place in 1914. The fishing industry has takean a huge hit and because of overfishing, we have to wait awhile to let the fish recover, if they ever do. But lobster is certainly not an endangered species and we don't have to feel bad about eating a few of those! At Woodman's, a nice size lobster will cost $25.00, so bring your wallet.

I have a short day at work today and look forward to coming home to do some beading and get some earrings ready to sell on Ebay. There is a little excitement brewing about the necklaces, and I have about five more ready to sell and will list them this weekend. Michael is going to helpme improve my new web site:

A great weekend ahead---tally ho!

Have a great day.