Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A day without George....

is like a day without sunshine. The house is quiet and I have all kinds of things I want to do when George returns from Hawaii. The thing that has been bugging me the most is photographing my jewelry for Ebay. It isn't easy to get the full effect of these little stones and beads, and they are much prettier than the pictures suggest. When the "engineer" gets home, I'm sure he can help me set up a light box and help with settings on the camera that will make this easier.

If you asked me last night, I would have said that another things I really need is a steak dinner, but I don't think it is the steak I really want. It is the company. I am going out to dinner with a friend tonight, to a favorite restarant, Bertucci's, for some grilled pizza or ravioli. I am really looking forward to NOT eating alone.

George, we miss you. Kitty wakes me up every morning to tell me that you aren't home yet. Have a great day, in Hawaii, or wherever you are.