Friday, August 19, 2005

Busy day

I have been so busy today I forgot to blog. I don't work on Fridays anymore, but I manage to find a lot to do around here. Today I hit a big sale at Filene's and bought new light-weight luggage for my trip to Oklahoma. I recently bought two pieces of maroon luggage that I liked a lot--until I tried to lift it. For some reason, when packed, even if I try to pack very lightly, it is way too heavy for me. I almost could not get that bag into the trunk of the rental car. So today I bought some American Tourister called I-Lite, which hopefully will weight a lot less and wasn't too heavy on the pocketbook either. George can throw his old suitcase away now and use the maroon one. He strong like ox.

George is coming home from Hawaii on Sunday morning. He stayed over to solve a problem that occured on his project, so Thunder and I have been doing our best to take care of things. Taking care of things around here mostly consists of cleaning up after myself (and Thunder, thanks to her long white hair) and trying to figure out what I want to eat for dinner. Days ago already, I decided that I really don't like to eat my own cooking alone--so I have been out to eat two nights in a row. Tonight? Chinese food?

George, it is time for you to come home now. This is the first ripe tomato. I went out to mosey around the property today and pull a few six feet high thistles near the front door (thing's growing like a weed!) and found one huge beautiful red tomato. I was shocked! The morning glories are still climbing but have yet to bloom.

I have spent most of my free time putting my jewelry up for sale on Ebay. I also have a new blog about beading projects. Today I made these chandelier earrings and immediately took a picture. These earrings were up for sale before they were an hour old! I hope they sell. If they don't, I already know what outfit I have to wear them with.

Take care all, and have a great day.