Monday, August 08, 2005

Lazy summer days

George and I had a nice long weekend. I won a lunch for 10 people at a local restaurant and found out that rounding up ten friends, even for a free lunch, is not an easy thing to do. In the end, there were five of us, and we had the lunch on Friday at TGIF Friday, and all had a great time. I hosted vacation bible school staff room that day also, and brought cookies, fruit, and lemonade. It was a hot day, and the church is not air conditioned, so it was sort of uncomfortable, but we survived and I'm glad I was there to help out. I had to leave early to go to the lunch, so I went back to the church to clean up afterwards, and gave away the fruit to the man who was cleaning up the church after vacation bible school--not an easy job. This year's theme was the wild west, and there was hay! in the fellowship hall.

Our weekend kind of just moseyed along. George wanted to use his new barbecue grill cookbook, so we were still barbecuing last night at 9:00 p.m. We would have gotten started earlier, but we decided to make a batch of those delicious chocolate chip cookies. We can't eat them all, not even if we tried, so we will make packages and give them away to our co-workers and friends.

George asked me to "brine" the chicken, which we did by soaking in ice water with a half cup of salt added. The chicken soaked for two hours, and when grilled it was done all the way through, but still juicy. Good work, George!

It's Monday morning and off to work. Have a great day!