Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Labor Day in Maine

Maine is beautiful. We drove from Boston, with stops in Kittery and at LL Bean in Freeport. Finding crowds and an un-airconditioned store, we followed Route One up to Camden and started looking for our landmarks to find our friends house. It was a lovely weekend, marked by good food, good conversation, and lovely scenery. The coast is not as rugged as I thought, but Pemaquid Lighthouse is very nice and the rocks are large and flat and good for exploring. We spent half a day going to Edgecomb Pottery in Edgecomb, ME. As well as inside a huge store, the pottery was displayed on a huge deck in the sunshine and I think I saw every piece. The potters are a man and wife team, who started this business in 1976 and leave their mark on every piece. There were also huge windchimes, 5 feet tall, and heavy, and other works of art in metal. I loved a turquoise teapot, but when I showed it to George, he very astutely decided that the lid didn't quite match and that it was a substitute and that is why this teapot was on the sale rack for $125. Next time I want to buy an expensive teapot, I'm going to check with him! I must have looked at it for an hour and I never even noticed the difference in hue and size.

We didn't have lobster until we got back home on Monday evening. But it is not because they didn't have it. Lobster is available at every turn.

We wrote down names of motels where we might want to stay on a return trip.