Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Knitters and Tea Cozies

Those of us knitters who can get excited about a tea cozy need to stick together. I have a new book, called Mindful Knitting it is about meditation, and simple but nicely designed projects to do while you are practicing "mindful" knitting. I suppose this is the opposite of watching Pulp Fiction, or Kill Bill, while knitting. I don't know that it matters much to me, but I will try. I can knit in a traffic jam, at a stop light, at the beach, in a car, in a meeting, and especially at home camped in my favorite chair with a good light. But, I like the idea of being mindful about all kinds of things. Mindful cooking. Thinking about what you are doing and not mistaking baking soda for baking powder, makes for a much better cake. Mindful kitty litter box cleaning. Watching what you are doing, don't spill, all the while trying not to breathe. The author said that she studied under a Tibetan monk with a very long name, and even the Dalai Lama. I suppose that everyone in those crowds that listen to the Dalai Lama can say they have studied with him--and if I had ever seen him, I would too. Why not? But I have enjoyed reading the book and I will make her cute knitted tea cozy and try to listen to my breathing instead of to the Rolling Stones.

:-) oooommmmmm

(I bet Mick Jagger drinks tea.)