Friday, September 10, 2004

Get Well Soon, Mr. Clinton

I recently saw a blog dedicated for people who want to send greetings to President Clinton. I was tempted, but needed more time to think what to say. Shall I say, "Get well soon so you can help Kerry with more much needed advice?" Seems to me sometimes that Kerry looks a lot like a wind-up doll, and says pretty much what he is told to say. Polling his advisors to see what the next sentence should be. I'm not very impressed. My mother is a life-long Democrat and has donated to the Democratic Party. For her support, they sent her a nice framed picture of then President Clinton. She hung it in a prominent place in her kitchen. When Mr. Clinton "got in trouble with Monica", she was upset with him and turned the picture to face the wall. Clinton in the dog house. But she, like multi thousands of others, and like me, wish him a speedy recovery. Seems to me we all can wish that for each other no matter what our politics.

I wonder if he is still facing the wall?