Monday, September 27, 2004


I had a great deal of trouble falling asleep last night. Seemed that the quiet night, and the full moon, did not help at all to quell my sleepless thoughts. I was wondering about the folks in Florida, and how upsetting it must be to have no place to run, no place to hide. The whole state was covered with Hurricane Frances, and it seemed evacuation wasn't even possible this time. Add to that my thoughts about Haiti and the horrible situation that is there with many people dying from lack of food, water, medicine and disease caused by bad water. I cannot imagine what has happened to that country. Not that staying awake will help anything, but I did a lot of praying for those poor people.

Sunday morning I played in the bell choir for the first time, and it was very exciting. Even that experience kept me awake last night. It is not as easy as I thought it would be. I read music, and I thought that would help, but it seems the only way not to get lost is to count out the beats of the measure. The fact that your bell is the only sound, means that you can't hide behind the other sopranos like you can in a choir. With bells, you're all playing solo, so to speak. I managed to play the D(7) and F(7), and those are the BIG bells, in the back row. It was really fun! I didn't flub up, I didn't make a horrible face as I flubbed up, which I thought might be a problem, and I think I pulled the whole thing off miraculously. I can hardly wait for bell practice on Wednesday night. I'm supposed to be signed up to be the substitute ringer, but I can tell right now that I am going to be there every week like clockwork. That means another rehearsal night at church, since I already sing in the choir.

Our collection for the food pantry was a huge success. I fixed up 50 bags labeled with food items like powdered milk, canned meat, pasta and macaroni and cheese. All the bags were taken and I can't wait to see all the food that we have collected next Sunday. Everyone seemed happy with the idea, and happy to do what they can for our local food pantry. It's a start on helping with World Hunger and I am very excited and happy about the results to come.

Good luck Florida. I hope the food and water goes through soon in Haiti, ending that misery, and I will keep ringing those bells of hope.