Friday, September 03, 2004

Boring or Dangerous or Just Plain Hard to Do

The headlines today are "Atkins Diet May be Dangerous, says scientists", and "Atkins Diet bores you thinner". Am I surprised? Eating too much of any good thing is just -- unbalanced. All meat, no bread. All fat, no vegetables. Now, that just doesn't make sense! Boring. What isn't boring if you do too much of it? Boring old carrot sticks. Boring old lemon merinque pie. When we used to have to get our sugar by climbing trees and knocking honey bees down...we only got to do that once a year when the honey comb was full. That kind of seasonality is what makes things interesting. Apples are best in the Fall, so it is fun to wait for them, even though we don't have to anymore. But eating nothing but apples would be plenty boring.

Alas, these are the things that never seem to be boring: cakes, cookies, biscotti, and lattes with whipped cream. I can read dessert cookbooks forever and never find them boring. Sometimes they look so alluring you want to eat the pictures. make life interesting, I am not going to eat those things that are bad or dangerous for me. I'm moving on to the excitment of a varied diet of all things good for me: yogurt, fruit, vegetables, lean meat, whole grains and legumes. Sound boring? Not really. Too hard to do to be boring. I always say, when did you ever hear the doctor say that you need to eat more flour and sugar?