Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I'm back for my laurel wreath

Ok. I am back from my exercise place which is only a few blocks from my house. I found a parking place right in front tonight. There are a bunch of good things about going. First, I no longer am interested in bonbons. I now am interested in drinking lots of cold water. I am sweating. Sweat is good. 30 minutes of hard sweating is my exercise goal. I stretched out some of my sore muscles, and that felt great. The place is air conditioned, there are lots of fans blowing cold air right on my face, and the music is peppy disco with silly words. The whole experience didn't take an hour. Easy. I was thinking as I drove home, it is so much easier to buy something that makes you look slim--than to get slim. It is so much easier to buy some makeup to make your skin shine--than it is to eat the right foods for a good complexion. It is so much easier to think about exercising--than it is to get your body off the chair and start moving! If I had spent half the time exercising in my life that I have spent putting on makeup or dressing in nice clothes---I would be an Olympic champion by now. Oops. No negativity shall creep into my little red head. I did it! Now I will rest on my laurels until tomorrow when I DO IT all over again!