Friday, September 17, 2004

Everquest Fanfaire

Now that we know that New Orleans has not blown away or drowned, we can start thinking about the Everquest Fanfaire to be held there over Halloween. Woohoo, what a great time to be there. I went to a fanfaire in Boston (right in my front yard) and had a great time. At the time, I was only a lowish level Paladin, but luckily for me, they put your class and your name on your name tag that hangs around your neck, but not your level. In RL, around my friends, co-workers, etc., the fact that I play EQ is known...but not understood. No one in my RL circle of friends could/would ever do it. No one could believe how wonderful our life in Norrath is unless they were there themselves! I met some really wonderful folks at that fanfaire and still send /tells to them in game (hellos). For the most part, Fanfaire takes one whole day, morning till late night, and there are crowds of people, all who have the same passion. I went to one workshop about tradeskills, and everyone there had 200 or over in all tradeskills. I mean, these folks were uber tradeskillers! I went to a GM event, where they took some huge mobs and trained the poor folks in Aviak Village. Afterwards, they made it all better, but for a time, the whole auditorium was cheering and laughing as this unheard of encounter plagued that zone and the hapless players who happened to be there. I hope they got prizes, I'm sure they did. There was a difficult scavenger contest which had people in teams, running all through the hotel complex looking for obscure items and clues. It was HARD! and very fun because it showed the depth of knowledge people have about all the lands of EQ. Incredible! It was great fun to have dinner with 1000+ other Eqers, and see the faces and be free to talk about EQ with joy and energy. Woot what a crowd. If you can get to New Orleans, and you love Everquest, I would move heaven and earth to get there for Fanfaire.