Thursday, September 09, 2004

Five big ones

Today I am happy! I went to my weight watcher meeting and I lost 5 pounds last week on their new CORE program. This program limits what you can eat, and takes some self control. Allegedly, you don't count points, but eat until your satisfied. For some of us who don't know where that line in the sand is better for me to be careful about the restrictions AND count points. I did it all Labor Day weekend, and I did fine -- with a little planning, help and consideration of friends, and a lot of lugging an ice chest with "legal" foods in it. On Labor Day morning, I had Kashi cereal and skim milk at a picnic table outside of a Dunkin Donuts. That takes committment! No sugar, no refined flour, white rice, etc., and 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, limited lean meat, beans and brown rice ok. It is a good healthy diet and I rather like having limits on the kind of foods I can eat. Somehow, having 26 points in a day and using 10 of them up on a slice of pizza doesn't seem healthy. I'm sure my body wants more fuel than a slice of pizza to make it through a busy day. Yogurt and fruit makes me feel good. After limited pizza and other "goodies" for the better part of a year, I don't even crave that stuff anymore. Well, not often anyway. And in the beginning, one cup of spaghetti seemed like a paltry amount, but now I know it is enough. I am not hungry when I eat what I should when I should. Key word: WHEN. I don't want to skip a meal, because then hunger and the "baddies" start happening. I do miss being able to shop at a bakery, but I guess I will get over that after a while too. It is going to be good to be thin and like the Weight Watcher leader said, "Be like a postage stamp and stick to it until you get there."

5 pounds off in one week??? I'm stickin' to it!