Saturday, March 31, 2007

The new baby

A nice reminder

Michael just told me that I have forgotten to write in my blog lately. It is so easy to get out of balance and just forget something. Life is busy. Stuff happens. Oops. I forgot to blog.

Today I received the new Fuji digital camera that Michael bought me for a just because. It is a wonderful gift and I am thrilled beyond words to have such a beautiful camera. I especially like the "view finder" which is the whole width and height of the camera, and looks like a mini TV screen. Michael asked me if there was anything on Amazon I wanted, and it took me about 3 minutes to pick this camera.

I take thousands of pictures. Selling jewelry on Ebay means that you have to have a good bright picture with a lot of clarity. It takes a lot of tries to get such a good picture, and I then load it up, edit it, re-edit it, and tweak it for publication. Sometimes I think I have worn a path from the diningroom to the computer in the den taking so many pictures and running back and forth. This little camera is going to be so much fun to use. When I took my old digital camera to the camera shop to see what was wrong with it, the man looked at me sympathetically and said, "they haven't made these in a long time."

Well, now I have a new camera, and it is a beauty. Thanks so much Michael!!!

Have a great day.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bracelet Round Robin

Several months ago, I joined a group bracelet Round Robin. To start off, I took a chain, and added a sterling heart toggle clasp and one yellow bead, and sent it to the next person on the list. I added a journal with lots of blank pages where people could write what they wanted and then send it on to the next person. There were 15 people on the mailing list, and each of us would add a bead or two, and write in the journal what we had added, and then mail it to the next person on the list. So each of us added beads to all fifteen bracelets over the course of the six months.

Yesterday the final exciting package arrived! My bracelet! I named this bracelet "Mellow Yellow". A long time ago I had heard that yellow beaded items were hard to sell, and that it was not a good jewelry color, so I just wanted to try it and see what would happen.

The journal is really fun to read and people remembered the song and hummed along as they worked on my bracelet.

It is so full of beautiful beads, and so fun to look at. Just think how many cities it went to before it came all the way back to me! Fun!

have a great day.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pet Food

This pet food scare has really been scary! George and I were careful to look at all food we had bought and I am throwing out any food that is not what we have always used. I recently decided to give kitty a new taste treat, and bought two small cans of another kind, and I'm not using it. We feed kitty a quarter can of Friskies every day, and she gets Science dry food. The canned food is just for a treat, and also because I heard that wet food is good for them because it has a lot of water and some good nutrients.

Pets are so important. I guess pets are almost as important as people, when it comes right down to it, and I'm sure some folks love their pets more than their people. I feel so badly for those who have lost pets. Finding out yesterday that it was caused by a change in suppliers, and that rat poison is the ingredient that has caused the deaths just irks ms. Companies change suppliers to save money, and now look. Wouldn't you think they would have a chemical analysis done before they put the ingredients together?

Thunder woke me up tonight. She was low on food and her water had almost run out. She lets us know. Older cats seems to need a lot more water than younger ones. I'm happy to hear her meowing, and padding around on little cat feet on the covers at night. She is family.

God bless all those people who lost their pets. It shouldn't have happened!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


George and I call the weather channel the MTV for oldtimers. Today I feel like weather is about all I have to talk about.

I saw a picture on TV this morning of a garden in Atlanta, and it looked so inviting! The snow is frozen to the ground like the icy steppes tundra and no spring has sprung here. The weather this morning is below 20 and not going to rise above 40 today. And then, as is always the case in Boston, the weather will turn warm Boom...and you will be left scrambling for something lightweight to wear. Spring is nice in the south. Once you get above Missouri, there are two seasons, cold and hot.

Spring follows winter, but not until winter is good and ready to depart. And it will...all in one feel swoop some hot and sunny day in the near future.

Have a great day!

Saturday, March 17, 2007


My four leaf clover patch in the front yard is now covered with six inches of snow. This storm is a little more than I predicted. I am awake because of the large snow plow that just forced his way past our house and then loudly backed up all the way back out again. Living at the end of a dead end street means that it is very quiet until the snow plow backs out. Beep Beep Beep.

I'm looking forward to going out on Saturday anyway, and enjoying what there is to do on a snowy day. George fixed the drain in the back of the house with a cookie sheet to catch the water so it doesn't go down in the basement. Seems like a trip to Home Depot is in order tomorrow.

Spring is three days away, but today we shovel.

Have a great St. Patrick's Day.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Saturday, March 10, 2007

No Hula, No Pineapples, No Waikiki Beach

No Aloha

I didn't write about it in my blog, but George was expecting to go to Hawaii last week and he was going to take me along. I didn't write about it here because I didn't want to jinx it. My window of opportunity to go was last week, and if we didn't go then, I wouldn't be able to go. I went from being very sure and excited on Monday to being down in the dumps on Thursday and then pretty resigned that the trip was not to be on Friday. He may still go to Honolulu on business next week, but without me. I was really looking forward to seeing the waves, but ended up riding
them instead. Up, down, go, no go.

To top off the week, George also came down with a bad cold/flu/bronchial infection the last three days, so it would have been a terrible ordeal for him to fly at this time anyway. He has a low fever and is very uncomfortable. Flying for 18 hours would have been terrible.

The downside is that I don't get to do all the things I was so excited about doing in Hawaii, and the upside is that I have a lot of nice new summer clothes to wear here. Yes, I had already done some shopping--of course.

The week was a roller coaster, and we are still recovering. Sometimes things work out for the best, and I think this is one of those times.


Have a great day!

Friday, March 02, 2007


Cat In A Bag

Best Design Competition

I am announcing a winner for my "best in the world design" competition. Here it is from the AP today--an image captured by NASA's Cassini spacecraft February 4, 2007 and released on March 1, 2007 shows never-before-seen views of Saturn.

Have a great day.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

23 Vegetable Soup

The soup supper last night was a big success. Sixteen people came and there wasn't a scrap of soup left. George had two small bowls and I had one. Everyone ate as if there was no tomorrow. I was sure that we would have leftovers, but nary a drop left. I have enough veggies to make another version for George and I, so I'll make it again just for us.

I watched the Academy Awards the other night all the way through, for the first time ever. I was still knitting at midnight. My hands hurt the next day. But I got to see all the interesting edited clips they showed and made my own list of movies that I just have to see!

Here is my movie list: Tsosi, After the Wedding, Days of Glory, Pan Labyrinth, Water, and Babel.

I also have to see the new movie just out Number 23, because it was Bob Shea's and Bob Wilson's interest in this numerology craziness in the first place that made this movie possible 35 years later. Sometimes it takes awhile for a good idea to catch on. Bob wrote about it, talked about it and laughed about it, and it was picked up and they even gave the authors of Illuminatis! credit in the New York Times last week. Good for them. We were always amazed how often 23 came up in news stories. We have been talking about that for 35 years and now it was made into a movie. The movie may not be any good, but all those years of laughing along with conspiracy theories and 23isms has certainly been worth the trip!

Have a great day!