Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So many beads, so little time!!!

The Bead Dreams competition showcases and special jewelry art made to benefit Japan Relief.

The Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee; 2011

George and I had a great time at Bead and Button this year. He plunged right in, and visited booths, attended the demos, talked to people, found interesting things to share with me and generally enjoyed the whole experience. I was thrilled! I had more fun this year than ever before. George was there to help me carry things, and never once did he encourage me to stop whipping out my credit card. This year I went with a plan, and I knew the booths that I wanted to visit. My impulse purchases were very few (always
fun though). I took a great class with Katie Hacker while George took a much needed nap, and we had a couple of good meals; Benihana and Mader's German restaurant -- a must visit in Milwaukee! The inspiration that I came home with will carry me well through a year of jewelry design. I can't wait to get started. Here are the pictures:
This is the pendant that George bought for me as my show souvenir.

The large and spacious main lobby of the convention center, where the Bead Dreams entries are in glass cases. Makes my heart pound to think about it!

We really enjoyed the demos this year; this one at the Fire Mountain booth. Lots more demos than I remember, and stuff to learn wherever I turned!

This nice lady at the ISGB helped us buy a beautiful dicroic pendant, with all the money going to Japan Earthquake Relief. Everyone is SO NICE!

The Bead Social on Saturday, with an auction and proceeds to go to breast cancer research. We won the table prize, and had a great time!