Friday, April 19, 2013

It has been a long time since I posted on my blog. I'm not sure what got in the way, but life is a series of ebbs and flows. Keeping in balance, and doing the next right thing -- sometimes just takes all our attention. Every day I am more grateful for another day to give it all another go. Lately I'm considering what jewelry I want to make, how I can do a better job of organizing all my hobbies. I've decided that anyone who wants to come and have dinner with us will need to accept and enjoy all the materials that I have stored in the diningroom. Not everyone has a kiln, a metal embosser, boxes of paints, brushes, cutters, paper, stamps, yarn, plastic canvas, beading dining room is a storehouse of fun. You just have to realize that serving and enjoying food is only a small part of life in my dining room. Maybe I am talking about forgiveness. As we learn to love and forgive each other, we also need to forgive ourselves. I am in working on forgiving myself for my curiosity, my enthusiasm and my ongoing collections of the stuff I need to create things. My kiln is my friend, and enjoys a big place in my heart as well as my home. Tools are like old friends. They are there when you need them, no longer how long since you've seen them. Have a creative day!
Life gets a little crazy sometimes. Keep dancing.