Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A trip to Bermuda will make your heart sing!

George and I just returned from a week long cruise to Bermuda on the Norwegian Dawn.  This was our first cruise together, and my first cruise in over 30 years.  It was delightful.  We loved the ship and the people who work there; all passengers were there to have a good time; the food was excellent, the beds were soft, there was plenty of room in the cabin, and we had a balcony for a view of the ocean when we wanted it.

Bermuda was sunny and gorgeous.  The turquoise blue waters are unbelievably beautiful, and our only problem was that our camera didn't take pictures that show that beauty.  It was like my camera decided to filter the direct sun, so the pictures are ...  mediocre.  But our pictures do just what we need them to do - remind of us the natural beauty we saw.

We swam and frolicked at Horseshoe Beach, and took a taxi ride around the island with a very nice guy named Oliver.  He showed us the schools, the grocery stores and the gardens where people grow their own food, since bought food is so expensive.  We took a  boat to a reef and sunken ship, and watched the fish swirl around in the blue waters.

Our trip was a huge success.  Lets go back.