Friday, December 31, 2010

A wonderful year!

For Christmas this year George bought us a new Apple mac mini. It is a beautiful machine, about 8" square; small enough to sit right on the desktop. We have a new screen and keyboard and I'm already loving the Apple setup. I still have to transfer my pictures and my music, but we are good to go. It was a big deal to get a new computer and finally take the old one offline. Maybe we don't do change as well as we would like to. These days, everything is supposed to be disposable, but George and I still remember "use it up, wear it out, make it do". Sometimes our old fashioned traits get in the way of progress.

Besides the new Apple computer, George won an Ipod in a drawing, and I got a new Droid phone and a Kindle. Progress catches up to us!

George continues his lucky streak. He won an engine at his flying club picnic, the Ipod at a trade show raffle, the huge gift basket at the church fair in December, and a food processor as the prize in a contest online for Hellman's mayonnaise. We really need to get him to buy some lottery tickets!

This is my last post of 2010. It has been a really great year. George loves his job, and I love mine. I even got a Christmas bonus this year -- the first in a long time. Our kitties are thriving and playful and a constant source of affection and entertainment. My jewelry business has blossomed into a success; I sell as much as I want to -- without getting tired of the creative process. We had a great time this summer at the cabin, despite the heat and two trips to Big Lots to get more fans. We visited Mike and MIchelle twice this year. Going on trips has always been fun, but coming back home hasn't been so much fun - both times in May and in October, I came back sick with the flu. Our health is generally good, our doctors are always available and at the ready to cure us, and we are grateful for modern medicine and all the miracle drugs that help us with our little problems when they appear. Do I sound old -- talking about health and doctors? It's ok -- we are just acting our age!

Our New Year's resolutions are pretty simple: eat healthy and add more vegetarian meals to our weekly menus, laugh often, play more Cribbage, watch far less drivel on TV, take walks around the neighborhood, try to keep our bead addiction under control (me), take a trip to Oklahoma to clean out the storage locker in El Reno of my mom's beautiful things, and keep it simple.

The last is probably the hardest.

Have a wonderful New Year filled friends, family and good times!