Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thunder (October 30, 1991 - May 20, 2008)


My kitty Thunder had to be put to sleep on Tuesday. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. She was failing fast, and in the two days before we took her to the vet, she had not eaten or drank anything that we could tell. She was weak and ailing. Thunder was 17 years old, and I hardly remember a day when she wasn't near me. She followed me everywhere and I never had a lonely minute in the house. She was as beautiful as she was gentle, and I will never be able to replace her.

George and I were dreading taking her to the vet, because we knew that would probably be her last trip. We wrapped her in a fluffy green towel, and she looked all around the car and at the passing world. She purred at the vets office, and even on the examining table, she purred. And she purred right up until they put the injection in her leg. Then the purring stopped.

I will always miss my Thunder. She was the light in my life when things around me were changing and going from good to bad and back to good again.

I am planting a pretty small tree in the back yard this weekend, and ringing it with stones and a flower garden. I will put a sculpture there someday, or a gazing ball, and have a place where I can always remember where Thunder my heart.