Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Today I didn't see the woodchucks at all. Maybe the skunk scared them away. Maybe when they saw the skunk they hightailed it to another hidey hole someplace. I sort of missed them, silly me!

I remember when I had a farm in New Hampshire with 20 areas of land to watch over, and a big deck off the back of the house. There were miles of apple orchards and gardens and woods and some days I would just DREAM of seeing a moose or a deer or some kind of wildlife visitor. The critters seem to live in their own dark places and sometimes they are hard to see.

One day as I was standing on the deck, I heard a faint "hiss hiss" up in the air. I couldn't remember ever hearing a sound like that. It was early morning and the mist was rising off the land over by the apple orchards. When I looked up, there was a beautiful brightly striped hot air balloon going up right over the farm. What a sight!

Have a great day!