Friday, June 22, 2007

The weather & Washington DC

Here we are in Washington DC, where the weather is sunny, balmy and beautiful. It is also fun here inside Michael's house.

Every time I get together with Mike, he has to help me clean out my laptop. Today he purged it from a lot of unnecessary evils that came into being when I subscribed to AOL dial up while visiting mom's house in Oklahoma. AOL is a scourge, as I've said before here in this blog, and dial up is the evilest form of scourging. Mike found that my new computer was hopelessly plugged up with evil sites that I didn't subscribe to, didn't download, and didn't want. The computer hourglass was stuck on load and nothing was happening. Deleting his way through all this maze of awfulness, Mike cleared me out so that my laptop is now performing beautifully and I probably will not even take this computer to Oklahoma again unless I can find a wireless connection.

The weather outside is beautiful, but part of the fun of visiting Mike's house is all the fun things there are to do inside the house. Last night Mike and I played a game called Guitar Hero, a new game of rhythm and rock and roll. There is not way to describe the fun unless you play yourself. "Feel the grip of your spandex and smell the hairspray as you take the stage and become an 80's Rock Hero". It was a rollicking good time and I can't wait to try again. It is a game involving playing a guitar, getting points while you play along with the rhythm of classic hard rock. I'm not very good, but Mike played the hardest song on the game, Lynard Skynyrd's Freebird, and he won, of course.

We also have a movie scheduled in his home theater and then we get to barbecue on his big new outdoor grill. All fun.

The downside of Washington DC is the traffic, which was almost as bad as traffic was in Boston yesterday morning when we had an early start and still got logjammed in horrible morning traffic that caused us to go a measley 15 miles in 80 minutes! The trip got off to a un-rocking start, but it picked up and we had a great time all the way anyway. An accident caused another terrible traffic tie-up when we got to DC, and although we were only a few miles from Mike's house, it took us 45 minutes to go about 10 miles.

But we are here, the weather is beautiful, and we're having fun.

Have a great day!