Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Le bonheur es a ceux qui savent rire

This is my new "jewel" tote bag which I finished to perfection by affixing some beautiful sparkly Swarovski crystals. You can't see the crystals real well here, but, take it from me, they are as sparkly and cute as they come. I love the design, and it fits right in with my Sparkle and Charm Ebay Store name.

I am taking this bag to Bead and Button, and I expect a LOT of people will want to know where I got it. One day when I had more time than sense, I looked at the 15,793 tote bags that are listed on Ebay, and I found a company that makes these terrific bags.

The translation from the French is: Happiness have those who know how to laugh.

The tote bag has a zipper pocket on the side so your money stays safe, and three nice pockets inside for your cell phone, a lipstick and more money, one would hope.

Anyway, it makes ME happy!

Have a great day.