Thursday, June 14, 2007

Non-collapsible Peyote Beads

I took a class at the Bead and Button Show called Non-Collapsible Peyote Beads. They are made using the ancient American Indian Peyote stitch. It wasn't easy to learn, but today I practiced for a couple of hours and I finally got the hang of it. I made five beads, and although they are not perfect, they aren't all that bad either.

It is fun to learn something new. These beads, when combined with silver and crystals, are going to make a knock-out bracelet! But, besides the fact that they are beautiful, the fun of them for me is that I am learning to do something completely new. Using the finest needle and thread, and tiny delica beads, finding ones way to something that makes sense is a challenge. I haven't used needles and beads together before, so this is really exciting!

After I get the bracelet done, I'm going to do the happy dance.

Have a great day.