Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cats and Stuff

We had a great time in Washington and a very relaxing weekend. It was great just to be together, and make meals on the grill, go out for a fantastic Korean barbecue buffet and watch the kitty roll around in a ball of yarn.

Sometimes just being together is enough. George and I ventured out on Sunday and went to the Air and Space Museum. We weren't there long, but I was impressed with the Spirit of St. Louis. I was also impressed that they had so many bathrooms and drinking fountains -- about every 100 feet I think. Amazing. The museum was crowded with people having fun. The pretzel and hot dog sellers were busy and left me wondering how much it costs to have one of those carts outside the Smithsonian and along the Washington Mall. I bet those vendors make a TON of money!

I never go through a World War II museum and see all those aircraft and think of those men fighting in the Pacific without thinking of my mom, who was at home with a little boy, working as a Rosie the Riveter at an air force base in Oklahoma, making airplanes fly, while dad was stationed off in the Pacific Islands. What an amazing time in our history. I always head for the WWII airplanes first. George has taught me a lot about airplanes, and he is a wonderful guide.

I had a great time taking pictures in the community garden behind Michael's house. It seems to me that when people live in an urban place, and are given a few feet to garden, they become very creative and almost every little plot had something really exciting planted there. I have included a few pictures of things I couldn't resist.

Mike's kitty Taniko entertained us all as she rolled around in my yarn for the socks I was knitting, and did all the usual endearing kitty things with yarn. For some reason, cats like to have strands of yarn running around their ears and heads, and act so amusing. The world may be a complicated place, full of Ipods, Blackberrys, super fast computers, and fancy cell phones, but cats still love yarn. Sometimes the simple things are the best.

Have a great day.