Thursday, June 21, 2007

Road Trip

It is 4:30 a.m. and I am a real early bird this morning. I do hear other early birds out there chirping to the lightening sky.

George and I are leaving for Washington DC this morning to visit Michael and Michelle. I like a nice road trip, don't you? We will leave by 6 am to beat the crowds going around Boston on 128 and to be in Washington about 8 pm. We take our time. One of George's friends said it takes 10 hours, but it takes us more than that. We like to stop at a outlet mall in Delaware, and we make other stops along the way too.

I have packed sandwiches, fried chicken legs, potato salad, nectarines, cut up veggies & ranch dressing & lots of good things to drink. It is hard to find something good to eat at the rest stops along the way. Sometimes on road trips the food is great, but I'm afraid that is not in New York or New Jersey.

Everyone flocks to the Starbucks along the way. Starbucks--what a phenomena. I think we are all addicted to caffeine, but most probably we are addicted to their sugar. I take mine straight, thank you, without the added addiction of frothy sugared whipped cream. Do you know that some of those frappes have 17 teaspoons of sugar? I think we all need to go back to the time when a cup of coffee at a diner was a real cup, and not a super-sized half gallon, and when we added cream and sugar it was by the teaspoon, not the cup. I'm afraid there is no going back. Starbucks has taken over the world. I like Starbucks!

Today we drive through Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and into Virginia. I like Delaware the best. There is a lovely road that goes through beautiful horse country and hardly a car to be seen. By the time we get there we are home free! I like driving through these small states. It takes three days to drive across Kansas! When I went to my high school reunion in Oklahoma once, and told them I lived in Massachusetts, one guy said, "that's one of those tiny states up there in the corner, right?" Well, yes.

Time to go pack. Have a great day and see you in Washington DC.