Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday morning woodchuck watch

Today I am making pasta salad for a Fathers Day cookout we will have later. George's son and family are coming over for burgers and hotdogs on the grill. While I am preparing the salad this morning, I have a good view of the woodchucks.

I saw first one baby, then the other. Then mom came out of the hole and pushed something out with her nose. Then she went back in and debris starting flying out of the hole. Housecleaning time. I don't have a great view because woodchucks are well camouflaged. They are the color of compost.

Babies played around some, staying close to mama. Then, after awhile, mom climbed up on the stack of bricks and took a little snooze with one of the babies right behind her. Baby wanted to play some more, but mom was tired. They are there right now, napping and looking around.

I have some bits of celery, green pepper, radishes & scallions left over from the pasta salad prep, and I put it in a little bowl. Oh, please stop me before I feed the woodchucks!

In the meantime, through all this woodchuck viewing, I am noticing the squirrels walking all over my begonias, and digging holes in my flower beds. They are a real pest.

I hope they don't wake the woodchucks.

Have a great day!