Thursday, November 29, 2007

The new furnace

Recently George paid $8,000 for a new furnace. The old one was a behemoth that came with the house in the 1930's, and although it was a trusty old thing for the most part, it needed to be replaced. No time like the present. So, the men came, and for two days they had to do asbestos removal, and then take out the old furnace. For two days we didn't have hot water, and one morning, we showered at the neighbor's house before going to work. We thought our problems were over.


The new furnace does exactly what it is supposed to do. It has a good thermostat, and it comes on when the house reaches the coldest temp allowed. The fact that it is so efficient, and heats up so much faster than the old one has strained our steam pipes in the basement to the max. What happens when cold pipes are asked to become hot pipes? Bang! Bang!

The pipes make a horrible racket. It sounds like a madman in the cellar banging on the pipes with a crowbar. It sounds like Napoleon's army coming through with their cannon wagons. It sounds like a parade of garbage trucks on the 4th of July.

George has talked to plumpers, to engineers, and to rocket scientists at work. No none seems to know what the answer is. He thought of insulating the pipes, putting them at a different angle, replaceing them...everything. No one can think of anything. I can tell he is worried. The sound makes you feel that it can't be good for the pipes, or the house itself.

Somehow, this too shall pass. I know that we will find an answer. And, in the meantime, no need for an alarm clock. Every morning: 5:30 a.m.: Bang! Bang!

Have a great day.