Monday, November 12, 2007

Chatham, Mass

Yesterday George and I took a drive to the Cape and went to Chatham. Chatham is interesting because of the barrier beach which keeps the big ocean away from the expensive ocean front homes. There is a breach on the beach, and that spells big trouble for Chatham. A recent spring storm created abreach in the barrier peninsula which threatens expensive homes along the shore.

The Chatham breach is old news, but Mother Nature does what she likes. A recent storm last Thanksgiving deposited sand which helped heal the breach, and the Boston Globe announced, "Mother Nature gives back." George thinks that the latest breach on the sand bar is going to reconnect itself, and the town recently voted not to spend the eight million dollars necessary to have the Army Corps of Engineers come in to try to fill the breach.

As you peer out over the peninsula from the shore, you can just see the big white ocean breakers offshore. It is a wonderful, expansive Cape Cod beach.

The day was beautiful and sunny. I took pictures of the ocean and the sand bar, including a large fishing boat that was blown away from it's moorings in the recent storm two weeks ago caused by the remnants of Hurricane Noel. The shops and stores are picturesque and the fall season brings lots of sales as the stores start boarding up for winter. It is a summer community mostly, but the big hotel, the Chatham Bars Inn, would be a beautiful place to visit during Christmas.

We had a lovely lunch of clam chowder and fish and chips at a little cafe and tavern called the Impudent Oyster and took a walk through several galleries and stores. I think I need to charge more for my jewelry. A silver bracelet there, without artist lampwork, cost $190.00. Whew. But the galleries are full of beautiful glass and knickknacks and the shopping is good if you bring a full wallet. For $45 I could have bought a charming pepper mill in the shape of a painted red lighthouse. I said, "That is really cute,", and George replied, "and they know it!".

Driving the mid-Cape Highway is like driving through a tunnel of low cranberry colored trees and white pine, until you get to the road you want to lead down to the shore area. Chatham is the "elbow" of the Cape. The traffic was fine at this time of year, and we need to go there more often. The scenery is beautiful and the clam chowder is great! No wonder so many people want to live or vacation on the Cape.

Have a great day.