Friday, November 23, 2007

My life in 5000 pictures

Michael cleaned up my computer yesterday. He asked me what web sites I visit regularly. I only have a few. My blog. Google Reader, which really DOES have all the news that's fit to print, Ebay, iTunes, and JC Penney. He also helped me clean up my pictures. I have about 30 folders, titled Family, Christmas, Flowers, Bracelets, Old designs, Turkeys (back yard visitors), etc etc. In those folders I have over 5000 pictures.

I have taken a picture of almost every piece of jewelry I ever made. These pictures are my archive of creativity, and besides showing me what kind of designs I have made, it also shows me how much better I have gotten at making jewelry, and especially how much better I am at taking pictures. My old jewelry is nice, but simple, and the pictures are dark and unappealing. It is amazing to me that anyone purchased jewelry from me with pictures like these, but they did. God Bless them.

My pictures are the most important thing I have on my computer. I look at them often, and I use them to illustrate my blog, which is also a huge important thing that I use my computer for. Everyone is different. I don't do My Space, or chat with friends. I don't tell jokes or receive them. I don't do a lot of emailing. But, boy howdy, do I ever love my pictures, the record of my life in the last seven years.

We have had a great Thanksgiving so far. Michael and Michelle arrived late after a pretty bad experience at the airports, and we started off our weekend together by having dinner at 11:00 p.m. I got up at six to make the stuffing and a pumpkin pie, and all of us were pretty tired on Thanksgiving Day. We all took naps and rested and ate a lot of really good food, and finished off a pumpkin pie. We got to see Lucy and James and Ann in the morning, and my apple walnut bundt cake was a big success.

It was a great day. I need more pictures!

Happy Day After.