Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lucy's Scarf and Thunder's old mouse

I finished this scarf for Lucy for her first birthday which is today. It is made with a fluffy Mohair and Wool Blend Yukon Print by Plymouth Yarn. The yarn gauge is 2 stitches to the inch, so it works well on a big needle. After making scores of pairs of socks with tiny needles, this was a big switch.

Lucy's Birthday Party is today, and George and I will take her presents to her house, along with extra tables and chairs for their guests. Whether we go or not depends of whether George gets over his cold by noon, which is highly unlikely. It doesn't seem fair to spread germs around a birthday party, so more than likely, we are going to miss it.

Thunder's old mouse wanted to get into the picture too.

Tomorrow George and I are going to take an afternoon trip to Chatham on the Cape to see the sights and eat some fried clams. It should be fun. We don't go to the Cape often because of the traffic, but tomorrow will be an easy day there and back. I'm going to take my knitting and work on some Christmas presents while he drives.

And maybe today I'll go buy some more of this pretty yarn and make someone else a scarf for Christmas. Sounds like a plan.

Have a great day.