Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Hurricane Fizzle

"Tropical Storm Noel has killed at least sixty people in the Caribbean from mudslides and floods as the intense storm approaches Florida with wind gusts of more than 50 mph." said the headlines last week, and the remnants came washing up the East Coast this weekend.

Last night the western sky was awash with beautiful flames and plumes of extraordinary yellows and reds. George and I were trying to decide whether red sails at night were a warning or not. Yes, we decided it was a warning, and today we took our air conditioners out of the windows and put down the storm windows. In the process I found that curtains needed to be washed so we did that too. Thanks to Noel it was a busy morning.

The wind came up and spun the whirlygigs in the back yard and blew some leaves around. There was a mild rain, nothing much, and it was dreary, with gray plumes of clouds in the sky. But weather doesn't keep us down, and we found a good sale at Penney's and we ran some errands for office supplies and a new beading book for me at Barnes and Nobel.

Tonight Mike reconnected with a friend of his who lives in San Francisco, who he has known since he was three years old, and in the process, I got reconnected with his friend's mother, who happens to live close by, and we will probably get to see each other before the holidays. Fun to find old friends!

Tomorrow is Sunday School in the morning and then more beading for me. The hurricane fizzled and the sun will be out again tomorrow. So much for Noel.

Have a lovely evening.