Friday, April 24, 2009

White Mountains B&B

Today after work we leave to go to a bed and breakfast called Sunny Grange in Compton, New Hampshire. This is at the southern end of the White Mountains. I always love driving up there because the mountain scenery is so wonderful, and being able to stay a couple of nights at a nice place and be close to the Kangamangus Highway is going to be a special treat.

We are packing a fan. The weather is supposed to be in the eighties, although we are having trouble believing that it will actually get that warm. I am packing a light sweater and a sweatshirt just in case. Sunny weather has been a rarity around here, and the weekend is supposed to be really delightful. Few people on the roads because it is school vacation week here and about every third desk at work is empty.

Sun in the White Mountains is something you can hardly even dream about when you make a reservation two months early. I fully expected to try to have fun in the rain, and we are bringing our books, my knitting, our Cribbage board and my beading. No reason not to bring the stuff I love. My overpacking is always a little more rampant when we go on a car trip and there is always room for one last thing. Do I bring a hat? I think so!

Off to work, but with high hopes for a wonderful weekend! See you Monday.

Have a great day.