Saturday, April 18, 2009

My hobbies keep me sane

I can tell I am feeling better because my little feeble mind is brimming over with creative ideas. I have so many projects that I am having to write them down in a special notebook. I can't stop making socks! This new yarn is hand dyed merino and tencel (which I guess is like a nylon, which helps things keep their shape), and it is my favorite color of spring green. The yarn has a shine to it that most don't, and I'm really enjoying it. This yarn is made by a woman who owns Minds Eye Yarns right here near Boston. I need another skein! The price is $22.00 per skein, and if I drive over there, I can save the $5 shipping. She sells on Etsy, and the site is Pretty stuff!

I have started a Knitting Group at my workplace. Yesterday we had seven people come to the hour long lunch time meeting. People bring their projects or their interest in learning how to knit. Yesterday the mail room guy came. I tried to show his large basketball-adept hands how to hold knitting needles. I showed him the basics. He fumbled some, but said he would be back next week ready to try again. After the meeting, I had four other people ask if they could join. so now we have 16 people on the list. It is nice to get together for something other than work discussions, and people are really enjoying getting to know each other. I think the group is going to take off. I bring knitting patterns, books about knitting, yarn and needles for beginners and people are enjoying it.

I have eight jewelry orders to work on this weekend, included two repairs of hand-knotted pearls. I need to stop knitting socks and get on it. My great friend Connie and I signed up for our jewelry classes at Bead and Button in Milwaukee this year. We will be there for four days and I can't wait. There are hundreds of jewelry classes taught by the best jewelry designers and teachers. The classes cost between $115-$250 and up, and we each signed up for two, so it is no small decision to make. They are all wonderful classes, and the teachers are world renowned. People come from all over the world to this mecca of American jewelry shows. We leave on June 4th on my favorite airline - Midwest. This year one of my classes is in metal clay, and I will learn how to make silver leaf elements for earrings and a pendant in metal clay. I have to bone up a little before hand, and get my hands on some good metal clay tools. Oh, it is so exciting!

I can tell that I am coming out of the dumper, as I say. I still think about my mom all the time, but underlying all my thoughts about her, I can feel my energy level bubbling up. I don't want to stop thinking, I just want to stop feeling bad. If all these projects keep me sane and healthy, then it is a wonderful thing. Anyone need a pair of socks?

Have a great day!