Saturday, April 04, 2009

I have a thing about Lavender

When I think of Spring, and think of sunshiny says and warm mornings drinking coffee on the deck, I often think of Lavender. Over the years, Lavender has become my favorite plant. There are many different kinds, and it is hearty, it grows well in pots, it's big and impressive, and it's a lovely shade of blue. Besides that it smells heavenly.

I have a pot of lavender that I am over-wintering here in the window behind my computer. It isn't the prettiest plant in the world after a season indoors, but it is doing fine, and will be beautiful once again when it gets outdoors to bloom.

Last year I had a pot of lavender under the porch, which over-wintered by it self, through snowstorms and ice, and still survived to enjoy the Spring breezes and when I repotted it, the plant was as beautiful as any.

When George and I go to the plant stores in the Spring to choose what we will plant, the first thing I go for is herbs: Rosemary, Thyme, Sage and Lavender. They look beautiful in pots with other flowers, and they last inside throughout the year. I make lavender pillows to add to my yarn baskets to keep the critters away. I can't WAIT until Spring!

Have a great day.